Tommy Chong Remembers Michael Jackson

I feel a real sense of loss for Michael because he was about to start a world tour doing what he was born to do. The last few years were so unkind to him – he was such a “fish out of water” trying to recapture a childhood he “never had,” which to me was such bullshit. Any child would have loved to have his childhood, being adored by everyone in the entire world for doing what he loved doing the most – singing. That Peter Pan lost-childhood crap left me cold and angry. He was a singer. He was supposed to sing, and leave the weird shit to people like Phil Spector and O.J.

Michael saved the world with his singing and dancing. That’s all we expected of you, Michael – just sing and take us to your vocal Neverland. Leave the weird shit alone. Sing and dance, Michael – that’s all we wanted you to do. We didn’t even want you to act, unless you were singing and dancing too. Have a safe and interesting journey, Michael. We will see you when you reappear in another body. We will know it’s you when you open your mouth and the “magic” comes out. We will know.

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