The Best Marijuana Events In 2015

Marijuana-EventMarijuana events are very popular these days. Whether it be a marijuana industry event, a marijuana entertainment event, a marijuana competition event, marijuana trade show, or some other type of marijuana event, they seem to be popping up more and more all over the country. There has already been one High Times Medical Cannabis Cup this year, but there are many more to come in 2015.

I am particularly excited to go to the first ever High Times Cannabis Cup in my home state, Oregon, this summer. I haven’t heard of what venue High Times is going to pick for the PDX Cup, but you can better believe I’ll be in attendance regardless of where it’s held, and I’ll be bringing everyone I know. The last time I attended an event was in Denver in 2013 for the first ever recreational Cannabis Cup in America. That event was magical, and I can’t wait to see that type of production put on in Portland where my friends and family can attend.

For those of you that live in or around Oregon, there is another event I’ll be attending. The second annual Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference is being held later this month. There is a stellar list of speakers for the event, and I can’t wait to hear what they have to say. There is a lot going on in Oregon right now as the state begins the process of building a recreational industry framework. Below are a list of events, which I will be adding to as more events are brought to my attention:

  • March 2015

Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference


  • April 2015

Ann Arbor Hash Bash

High Times Cannabis Cup – Denver


  • May 2015

Let TWB know what the best events are in May 2015!

  • June 2015

High Times Medical Cannabis Cup – Bay Area

Cannabis Liberation Day – Amsterdam

  • July 2015

Emerald Empire HempFest

High Times Cannabis Cup – Portland

  • August 2015

Seattle Hempfest

  • September 2015

Boston Freedom Rally

High Times Cannabis Cup – Seattle

  • October 2015

Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival

  • November 2015

High Times Cannabis Cup – Amsterdam


  • December 2015

Emerald Cup

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