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magic-flight-launch-box_1There’s hundreds of ways to make the jump from combustion to vaporization, and the Magic-Flight Launch Box is probably one of the most approachable.

It’s a hand-held, battery-powered, easy-bake oven for cannabis flowers that’s really easy to master and comes with a lifetime warranty. There’s no clicking buttons five times fast to turn it on. Just load in a layer of ground herb, slot in the special battery, press, hold, and sip cool vapor. Available in Cherry, Walnut, and Maple wood with or without engravings, Launch Boxes are made with love by hippies in San Diego, and Smell the Truth adores this unit.


Cool, Huge clouds: If you can be patient and softly sip, you can take very, very large lung-fulls of vapor with no irritation. Vaporization results in faster peak THC levels in blood plasma than smoking, and lasts just as long as burning weed, without any of the carcinogens.

Small, light, portable: The Magic Flight is stealthy and fits in the palm of your hard. It’s really easy to pre-load a bowl and launch as needed.

Earthy and approachable: The Launch Box has a really robust design. It’s a beautifully crafted wooden box (ours came in Maple) that feel familiar in-hand. It doesn’t put people off like a big vaporizer lightsaber (vape-saber).

Healthy: Made of non-fuming material, the Launch Box gently heats herb to the point where the psychoactive molecules boil off. But that’s well below the point of combustion, when the reaction would start making nasty byproducts like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Lifetime Warranty: The Magic Flight is downright a bargain when you consider vaping is more efficient than smoking and the Launch Box comes with a lifetime functional warranty.


Learning curve: Hitting the Launch Box is almost the opposite of a bong or a joint, where the harder you rip, the bigger the toke is. You want to softly sip the Box to keep the temperature up in the chamber. Hard drags just pull in cool air and stop the vaporization process. It’s easy to learn, but takes a day to master.

Batteries: You risk a potential short-circuit if the unshielded battery makes a circuit from the positive anode at the top and the sidewall, which is part of the negative anode. Keep the safety caps on when not in use.

Batteries 2: You’re going to need to buy an extra set of batteries, and keep them charged up. But the upside is re-chargeable batteries are really good and cheap nowadays, and you’ll find other uses for them in cameras, wireless keyboards and whatnot.

Batteries 3: You’re going to have to remove third-party replacement battery sleeves yourself, which is pretty easy to do.


The rugged Magic-Flight is suitable for hikers and other outdoorsy types. One battery should last one person one day’s moderate Launch Box use, so pack accordingly.


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