Colorado marijuana bus tours view themselves as industry ambassadors

DENVER — “Welcome to the party bus.”

That’s what tour guide Alyse Morgan told 20-plus tourists who were riding in a marijuana bus tour on a hot May Friday. It was a rare chance for them to consume a plant that’s likely illegal in their home states.

My 420 Tours describes itself as “North America’s original cultivator of cannabis experiences.” It was one of the first companies to help launch pot tourism after Colorado voters legalized recreational marijuana in 2012 — and business industry wide is good.

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  1. Good going Colorado

    PotHeads will strike back.

    I’m running for Mayor here in border town Osoyoos. B.C.

    My platform is to clean up lake Osoyoos using Pot. Just like the pot cleanups in Fukushima and Chernobyl

    With the Border crossing problems I’ll assign some Pot Warriors to litter the road near the Border with lots and lots of B.C. Bud.

    Everybody; not just the PotHeads will test positive at the border.

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