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Research Data on Vaporizing Cannabis

Research Data on Vaporizing Cannabis

68917_321582664623149_789470869_n-250x276Vaporizing marijuana avoids the smoke and harsh heat of pipes, joints and bongs, while delivering the same amount of THC and other active cannabinoids. Here’s some proof:

Studies report that marijuana vapor contains as much THC as joint smoke, but without 100 or so harsh toxins. Between 2001 and 2004 California NORML and MAPS did three studies:

Vapor analysis found 36–61% THC, an efficiency that compares to marijuana cigarettes. Vapor consisted overwhelmingly of cannabinoids, with trace amounts of three other compounds. Combusted smoke contained 111 other compounds. Results indicate that vaporization can deliver therapeutic doses of cannabinoids with a drastic reduction in smoke compounds.

Link: Cannabis Vaporizer Combines Efficient Delivery of THC with Effective Suppression of Pyrolytic Compounds

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Magic Flight Launch Box – MFLB

magic-flight-launch-box_1There’s hundreds of ways to make the jump from combustion to vaporization, and the Magic-Flight Launch Box is probably one of the most approachable.

It’s a hand-held, battery-powered, easy-bake oven for cannabis flowers that’s really easy to master and comes with a lifetime warranty. There’s no clicking buttons five times fast to turn it on. Just load in a layer of ground herb, slot in the special battery, press, hold, and sip cool vapor. Available in Cherry, Walnut, and Maple wood with or without engravings, Launch Boxes are made with love by hippies in San Diego, and Smell the Truth adores this unit.

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Introducing The Titan II Vaporizer

Better than the Ascent and Sonic Vaporizers?

titan II vaporizerThe Titan II Vaporizer is a new portable that puts it competitors way behind in quality of vapor delivery. Heats in Seconds, Digital Display, and Handheld makes this portable vaporizer steps ahead. Fits in your hand or packet easily. We have the unpacking and first use videos as well.

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Pro-Pot Push: The Next Gay Marriage

USA — The image makes supporters of marijuana legalization cringe: a zoned-out-looking, T-shirt-wearing Grateful Dead slacker, his hair long and unwashed and his brain cleansed of any ambition or coherent thought. The caricature is not dissimilar to the distorted images and stereotypes once attached to gay couples. Within the space of just a decade, those unrealistic images of same-sex partnerships quickly disappeared as more Americans embraced their gay colleagues and family members. And with startling alacrity, the law has followed with states adopting same-sex marriage statutes and courts across the country striking down bans on same-sex unions.

Marijuana legalization, its backers say, is the new gay marriage, on an unstoppable path to social and legal acceptance. “It’s turned quite quickly,” says Erik Altieri, communications director for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. “More and more Americans are waking up to the failure of marijuana prohibition.”

Just as gay marriage is becoming the norm, decriminalization and legalization of marijuana is likely to be the law in a majority of states in the near future, Altieri predicts. Decades ago, such a statement would have been laughable.

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Jeb Bush Opposes Florida MMJ Initiative

Florida — Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) is urging Floridians to vote against a medical marijuana ballot measure, according to a statement published Thursday by the Tampa Bay Times.

“Florida leaders and citizens have worked for years to make the Sunshine State a world-class location to start or run a business, a family-friendly destination for tourism and a desirable place to raise a family or retire,” the prospective 2016 GOP presidential candidate said.

“Allowing large-scale, marijuana operations to take root across Florida, under the guise of using it for medicinal purposes, runs counter to all of these efforts. I believe it is the right of states to decide this issue, and I strongly urge Floridians to vote against Amendment 2 this November,” he added in the statement.

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After Legalization, Hempfest More Celebration

Washington — Seattle’s very own “protestival” is back — without much to protest. Hempfest 2014 has the usual tie-dye T-shirt-wearing, dread-headed, high-minded attendees, but with marijuana now legal in Washington state, the tone of the 23-year-old festival has shifted from dissent to celebration.

Still, the festival’s guide urges activists to “soldier on in the struggle for full legalization.” “This is the one plant that can revolutionize the world,” said Seattle resident Jacob Junkman, who spends much of his time volunteering at medical dispensaries and was wearing a T-shirt that read “Marijuana is safer than alcohol.”

Similar to beer gardens at other public festivals, this year’s Hempfest hosts two areas that allow consumers of legal age to light up (away from underage attendees including babies in strollers).

But the festival’s official efforts to follow the law didn’t stop attendees from smoking as they strolled from booth to booth, examining the glass, vapes and other hemp-related products for sale. Other vendors are local companies like Kush Tourism, which offers “rent-a-vape” services for $10 an hour.

While many locals were marked by their Seahawks gear, a contingent of the festivalgoers came from out of town. Dezon Dalberg, owner of a dispensary in Bend, Ore., trekked up to Hempfest from CannaCon, the marijuana industry’s first convention that is also taking place this weekend in Tacoma.

“We’re at the beginning of an industry, even though it’s been around forever,” said Dalberg, who is in the process of opening three more dispensaries in Oregon. Read More..

Connecticut Growers Tending Marijuana Crops

Connecticut — For months, Advanced Grow Labs LLC — one of Connecticut’s four medical marijuana growing companies — slogged through the process of competing for a state license, securing local zoning approvals, and outfitting a building to state regulations that are as a tough as those at any pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Now, managing partner David Lipton knows his West Haven company is getting close: He planted his first marijuana seeds almost three weeks ago. “I did my own tray, the D.L. tray,” Lipton said last week. “My tray is looking pretty good; they’re about 3 or 4 inches high now. Finally, we’re not just buying stuff, we’re dealing with something that grows.”

Nearly two years after the state legalized it, the first medical marijuana is expected to go on sale next month. About 2,000 residents with qualifying chronic illnesses have registered with the state and with one of Connecticut’s six dispensaries.

The four medical marijuana manufacturers are at varying stages of growing pot. It remains unclear which company will be the first to market, turning the raw plant into medicine that is smoked, used in a vaporizer, eaten or rubbed on.

Connecticut’s six licensed dispensaries have fielded calls from potential clients for months, and at least one has passed the final state inspection and is consulting with clients to map out treatment plans with pharmacists on its staff.

In South Windsor, Prime Wellness of Connecticut last week met with as many as 50 people suffering with some of the 11 illnesses covered under the law.

“There are patients that are really, really in need, and so they have been waiting for two years,” said Tom Nicholas, chief executive of the Prime Wellness dispensary. “We’re almost at the end of the tunnel, but not quite.” Read More..