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Marijuana Lowers the Risk of Domestic Violence

Source: AlterNet

USA — The use of alcohol significantly increases one’s likelihood of becoming either a perpetrator or a victim of a violent act, including acts of intimate partner violence. As for cannabis use — that’s a different story.

In fact, according to a just-published study in the journal Psychology and Addictive Behaviors, couples who use pot are particularly unlikely to engage in intimate partner violence.

Investigators at Yale University, Rutgers, and the University of Buffalo assessed over 600 couples to determine whether husbands’ and wives’ pot use was predictive of domestic abuse at any time during the first nine years of marriage. Researchers reported: “In fully adjusted models, we found that more frequent marijuana use by husbands and wives predicted less frequent IPV (intimate partner violence) perpetration by husbands. Husbands’ marijuana use also predicted less frequent IPV perpetration by wives. Moderation analyses demonstrated that couples in which both spouses used marijuana frequently reported the least frequent IPV perpetration.”

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U.S. Government To Grow 30 Times More Marijuana

Source: Los Angeles Times

Washington, D.C. — The U.S. government has upped the quantity of marijuana it’s growing this year, to more than 1,400 pounds from the originally planned 46. The federal government classifies marijuana as a substance that has no medical use and is more dangerous than cocaine. But it’s willing to let researchers have access — under a few conditions.

One condition is that each project needs approval from the Drug Enforcement Administration. Another is that researchers get the substance from a particular source: the federal government.

The marijuana is grown at the University of Mississippi, which has the federal contract to do so for research purposes, DEA spokesman Rusty Payne said, and the quotas exist “so we don’t have too much of something that could get diverted” to non-sanctioned purposes.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse, which “oversees the cultivation, production and distribution of research-grade marijuana on behalf of the United States government,” said it would need 30 times more marijuana this year than in the last several years, the DEA said. But for a while, quotas were even higher: nearly 10,000 pounds a year in 2005 through 2009. Read More..

CO MMJ Research Grants Face Federal Uncertainty

Source: Denver Post

Colorado will begin handing out money for a groundbreaking medical-marijuana research grant program early next year. But the first meeting of a group that will review applications for the grants shows there’s doubt over who will be able to accept the funding.

Next week, Colorado’s health department will release the program’s official request for applications. Starting early next year, the state expects to distribute $9 million for research on the medical effects of cannabis, making it the largest state-funded effort to study medical marijuana.

The department’s new Medical Marijuana Scientific Advisory Council will review applications in November and make recommendations to the state Board of Health over which studies should be funded. Who will receive that money, though, is an ongoing question because of marijuana’s strictly illegal status at the federal level.

At the council’s first meeting Friday, several members raised questions about whether university-based researchers would be able to participate in the program without first getting complicated approval from the federal government. Some members said university review boards might pull approval for projects seen as too controversial or a threat to the university’s federal funding even after the state grants money for the research. Read More..

Research Data on Vaporizing Cannabis

Research Data on Vaporizing Cannabis

Vaporizing marijuana avoids the smoke and harsh heat of pipes, joints and bongs, while delivering the same amount of THC and other active cannabinoids. Here’s some proof:

Studies report that marijuana vapor contains as much THC as joint smoke, but without 100 or so harsh toxins. Between 2001 and 2004 California NORML and MAPS did three studies:

Vapor analysis found 36–61% THC, an efficiency that compares to marijuana cigarettes. Vapor consisted overwhelmingly of cannabinoids, with trace amounts of three other compounds. Combusted smoke contained 111 other compounds. Results indicate that vaporization can deliver therapeutic doses of cannabinoids with a drastic reduction in smoke compounds.

Link: Cannabis Vaporizer Combines Efficient Delivery of THC with Effective Suppression of Pyrolytic Compounds

Magic Flight Launch Box – MFLB

magic-flight-launch-box_1There’s hundreds of ways to make the jump from combustion to vaporization, and the Magic-Flight Launch Box is probably one of the most approachable.

It’s a hand-held, battery-powered, easy-bake oven for cannabis flowers that’s really easy to master and comes with a lifetime warranty. There’s no clicking buttons five times fast to turn it on. Just load in a layer of ground herb, slot in the special battery, press, hold, and sip cool vapor. Available in Cherry, Walnut, and Maple wood with or without engravings, Launch Boxes are made with love by hippies in San Diego, and Smell the Truth adores this unit.

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Introducing The Titan II Vaporizer

Better than the Ascent and Sonic Vaporizers?

titan II vaporizerThe Titan II Vaporizer is a new portable that puts it competitors way behind in quality of vapor delivery. Heats in Seconds, Digital Display, and Handheld makes this portable vaporizer steps ahead. Fits in your hand or packet easily. We have the unpacking and first use videos as well.

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Pro-Pot Push: The Next Gay Marriage

USA — The image makes supporters of marijuana legalization cringe: a zoned-out-looking, T-shirt-wearing Grateful Dead slacker, his hair long and unwashed and his brain cleansed of any ambition or coherent thought. The caricature is not dissimilar to the distorted images and stereotypes once attached to gay couples. Within the space of just a decade, those unrealistic images of same-sex partnerships quickly disappeared as more Americans embraced their gay colleagues and family members. And with startling alacrity, the law has followed with states adopting same-sex marriage statutes and courts across the country striking down bans on same-sex unions.

Marijuana legalization, its backers say, is the new gay marriage, on an unstoppable path to social and legal acceptance. “It’s turned quite quickly,” says Erik Altieri, communications director for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. “More and more Americans are waking up to the failure of marijuana prohibition.”

Just as gay marriage is becoming the norm, decriminalization and legalization of marijuana is likely to be the law in a majority of states in the near future, Altieri predicts. Decades ago, such a statement would have been laughable.

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